Who is Mrs. Wyman?

This is Mrs. Wyman.

How do I know?

Mrs Wyman










Because my grandmother made a very clear note on the photo.

It confused me. As far as I know there are no Wyman families in our tree. I looked at plat maps to see if the name was one of a neighbor. I did not see the Wyman name anywhere near the Vodraska farm.

Was she a friend or a school teacher? Maybe the wife of someone who bought cattle or grain from some of my family members?

I just don’t know. I looked in the census records and did find one Viola Wyman  (Wife of W.H. Wyman) in Lincoln county, which borders Ellsworth county. She was born in 1862, so this could be her.

There was also a Wyman in Saline county, which also borders Ellsworth county. Her name was Lillie Wyman. She was married to Moses Wyman and was born in 1853.

I wish I knew who this lady was, because I’d love to share this photo with her family. Even if the photo is not the best quality.

Do you know Mrs. Wyman? Leave a note in the comments and let me know who she is!

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