Where is Anna Riedl from?

Anna Riedl VopatFrom the beginning of my research, I focused on finding my great-grandfather Josef Vopat’s ancestors in Czech Republic. After all, thanks to my brother and a cousin, I had information on him and had a place to start. I kept batting zero and finding no information, because the parish his family came from is still not digitized.

Suddenly, I saw a location jotted on one side of the notes my grandmother had written.

It simply said Dobric, Kralovice, Czech.

It was not really attached to anyone in particular, but it was near the notes for Anna Ridl. So, I started trying to figure out where Dobric was located. I hit google maps, because that is an easy way to find locations if they still exist.

It was fairly close to Kralovice and Hadacka (which is where Josef, her husband was supposed to be from.) So, I decided to see if the records were online.

I went to Genteam, a great website that helps locate the parish for individual towns in places that were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in centuries past. There were several towns close in name to Dobric, but only one with the exact name in the Pilsen (Plzen) Region of the Czech Republic.
According to the website, Dobric belonged to the Plana okres Plzen parish. So, I headed to the website Actipublica website that houses all of the Czech Republic historic archives. I found nothing. I found nothing, because I did not need to search the whole Plana okres Plzen on the website. After some conversation on a genealogy message board, I discovered that I only needed to put in Plana.

I went back to the website and put in Plana. Up popped a list of the records, including the records for Dobric in the year 1870, Anna’s year of birth. It only took a few minutes to page through and there she was.

I was so excited I did a happy dance. I could barely read the archives, but it was clearly Anna Riedl (not Ridl, as I had in my notes) there. Right birthdate, 2 April 1870.

A few of the details were not quite the same, but were pretty darn close. For example, I had Blous for Anna’s mother’s maiden name. It was Ploss. Pretty close, I think.

Anna’s parents are Frantisek and Barbora Riedl. They indeed lived in Dobric, at house number 32. They married 31 January 1871. Two children were born prior to their marriage. That kind of shocked me. You don’t expect ancestors born so long ago to have children before getting married, but I guess people have always been what they are!

After some digging, I discovered Anna had three brothers and two sisters. Josef was born in 1868, Frantisek in 1877, and Vaclav in 1884. Anez’ka, Anna’s sister, was born in 1880 and Marie, another sister was born in 1889. Anna could never have known much of Marie, because she was only a few years old when Anna immigrated to the U.S. Interestingly enough, the name Riedl was sometimes spelled Ridl. The old archives were not very consistent.

And so, I am finally getting to know my great-grandmother.

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  1. Betty Taylor says:

    Welcome to GeneaBloggers! Hope you have a great journey in the process of getting to know your great-grandmother.


    Betty Taylor recently posted…The Family History Writing Challenge – My Grand UncleMy Profile

  2. GRANT DAVIS says:

    Welcome to Geneabloggers. I’ve been a member for about four months. This is a great blogging community.

    Regards, Grant Davis

    GRANT DAVIS recently posted…Workday Wednesday–From Rags to RichesMy Profile

  3. GRANT DAVIS says:

    Sorry this comment may post twice. Welcome to Geneabloggers! I’ve been a member for about four months. This is a great blogging community.

    Regards, Grant

    GRANT DAVIS recently posted…Workday Wednesday–From Rags to RichesMy Profile

  4. Peggy, thanks for sharing your story of how you were able, bit by bit, to zero in on the location for your ancestors.

    I found the announcement about your blog today in GeneaBloggers. While I don’t have any Czech family in my own background, I’ve helped a family in-law research her Bohemian roots and those in her family that settled in the Saint Louis area, so I’m interested in how you plan on handling the focus of your own blog, centered in Ellsworth County.

    Best wishes as you continue your blogging and researching!
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  5. I really enjoyed this blog entry. It truly details the way genealogy works, and it reminds me one just needs to continue looking sometimes. About the dates and spelling differences, you’d be amazed how often I’ve found wrong dates. These can be due to transcription errors or, sometimes, a person’s best guess. I don’t think you need to worry about children being born before the parents were married. As you indicate, it would have been very unusual for the time period, so I’m guessing someone made a transcription error along the way.
    Best wishes from another Kansas blogger,
    Eileen Cunningham

    • Peggy says:

      Thanks for reading! It is nice to hear from another Kansan. I’m enjoying everything I’m learning even with the little details that don’t seem to fit.

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