Welcome to Ellsworth County Czechs

Ellsworth County, KS

Hello! Welcome to Ellsworth County Czechs.

This blog will explore the history of my relatives from Ellsworth County, Kansas, including the Vopat, the Vodraska and the Bartunek families. I plan on adding other families as I find interesting stories and information on them.

I have so many family members named Josef, Anna, and Mary that it will be a challenge to keep them all straight. I can’t wait to share their stories.

You’ll meet them all. The single woman who took a ship across the ocean to marry after working months to earn her fare. ┬áThe ancestor who may or may not have been born in the United States. The man who left Bohemia (part of the Austro-Hungarian empire) in order to avoid being drafted into military service.

I haven’t ran into any royalty or criminals, but have found brave souls that left the hard work of peasant surfs in Bohemia for a chance at something better in America.

In the process of researching family history, I have found some interesting stories of the towns and communities of Ellsworth County. There are many towns that simply don’t exist anymore, like Black Wolf. And others, like Kanopolis, were supposed to grow into major cities but remain small towns. There are more great stories there, for sure.

Come back and visit Ellsworth County Czechs to read the latest story and learn a bit more about my family and their friends and neighbors in Ellsworth County!

Vitame Vas!


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  1. Bill Harper says:

    My great grandfater was Joseph Pejsha. My Grandfather was Albert Pejsha,’
    he was married to Lulu Crudemsky. She was the daughter of our Great Grandfather John Crudemsky. His brother was Jim Crudemsky lived just outside of Ellsworth. Mary Pejsha married Frank Kroboth. The Kornicks are all cousins. My mother was Adaline Pejsha, married Bill Harper. Her sister Sylvia married Bill Cannon

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