My Surnames

Here is a list of surnames (Updated February 2013) that are part of (the Czech side of) my family history:

  • Vopat
  • Riedl, Ridl (or a variation of)
  • Vodraska
  • Bartunek
  • Hubka/Hubkova
  • Ploss, Plossova, Blous
  • Erferth (unsure of spelling)
  • Rosenkrantz (Rosengrant)
  • Jansky
  • Triscova
  • Risove
  • Folk

7 Responses to My Surnames


    Peggy, I see you are related to the Bartunek family. I am related to Bill & Adeline (Klema) Bartunek. Adeline and my mother (Mildred) are sisters. Their children, Bill Jr., Marilyn (deceased) and David Bartunek are my cousins, and they are related to the Alex Vodraska family.

    You may know this already … in the Czech language, the females add ‘ova’ to their surnames, such as Trisca/Triscova, Hubka/Hubkova, Vodraska/Vodraskova.

    My maternal grandmother’s ancestors’ names were Stehno from Bohemia, south of Prague. I visited these distant cousins in 2001, during an ancestral village tour arranged by That fall, in September, we were attacked on 9/11, and the world of travel dramatically changed.

    I plan to publish a trip journal and photos on describing the trip sometime in the future.

    In 2011 I returned to the Czech Republic, as a guest of a distant Klema cousin and resident of Prague, who works for the U.S. Embassy. One day we hiked through the mountains to KarlĹĄtejn Castle, and on the way she told the intriguing story of her family history and survival under the Nazis, and then under Communism.

    I enjoy world travel and these stories which make world history come alive!

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Katzenmeier

    • Peggy says:

      I appreciated your story of Aldabert Klema, even if it was tough to read at times. I can imagine how hard it was just to survive then, much less survive when you had to deal with family issues as well!

      Joseph and Mary Bartunek are my 2nd great-grandparents. Their daughter Mary married Joseph Vodraska (my great-grandparents). Mary and Joseph are Alex’s parents and Alex was my mother’s cousin. How is that for confusing? I recognize the Klema name from around Ellsworth. Of all my Czech relatives, I know the least about the Bartunek’s. I am pretty sure I have never met any of my Bartunek-side cousins. My mom did not talk about that side of the family much. Her family, the Vopat’s seemed to have wonderful gatherings with the Vodraska family. My older sisters and brother remember these gatherings, but by the time I came around, all the cousins had grown up and were off with their own families. The joys of being one of the last of seven kids!

      I am planning a trip to the Czech Republic in the near future, so perhaps I will get to meet my distant relatives as well. I will keep posting on here to tell the stories I hear.

  2. Irene Werth says:

    Hi I am the youngest daughter of Alex Vodraska Senior, Peggy
    Are you a Brubaker, my dads sister aunt Mildred who passed
    Around the same time he did is your grandmother right? Bill and Adeline
    Were my dads cousin and lived down the road from
    Us growing up

    • Peggy says:

      Sorry I did not see your comment until now. It got stuck in a spam file and I was digging through it and found it. Yes, I am a Brubaker. Mona was my mom. She died two years before Mildred (my grandma) and then my grandpa Ralph passed two years after that. I remember your name, but since I am one of the youngest kids I don’t know if we have ever met. Wish I’d have seen this sooner. Teaches me to ignore my spam filter.

  3. Victoria Guy says:


    I see that you are related to the Folk family.

    I am related to Theodore Frank (Bohous Frantisek) Folk. Theodore’s parents (Josef Folk and Marie Hanzlicek Folk) and their family came from from Pribram, Bohemia, to Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas, in 1883.


    • Peggy says:

      I am related to the Folks way back in Czech Republic. My 3rd Great Grandmother was Maria Folk from Dobric, in the Pilzen Region of the Czech Republic.

  4. Dan Miller says:

    I recently acquired some old letters saved by my great uncle Leslie R. Chase of Abilene, Kansas who died in the 1970’s. In the box of letters are at least a dozen from Albert F. Vopat of Wilson, Kansas. Many are written in the 1940’s when he was Pvt. Albert F. Vopat. There are several photographs of Albert Vopat in military uniform. I was hoping you could help me reunite the letters with his family. From the letters I gather Mr. Vopat and my great uncle Leslie Chase met while serving in the army and were good friends.

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