Czech Genealogy Resources

If you are just beginning to research your Czech or Bohemian ancestors, here is a list of online resources for Czech genealogy that I have used.

Czechoslavak Genealogical Society International (CGSI) is an organization for those interested in researching the history of people with, ” Bohemian (Czech), German-Bohemian (Bohmisch), Hungarian, Moravian, Ruthenian (Rusyn), Silesian, Slovakian, and those of Jewish ancestry.” The cost to join this organization is $25 per year, which gives you a subscription to the quarterly journal, Nase rodina. Also included is a searchable database of  Leo Baca’s Czech Immigration Passenger Lists that is a great way to learn a bit about where your ancestor might have arrived in the United States.

Cyndi’s List has gathered a ton of genealogy resources. This page has a great compilation of resources for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you need to figure out genealogy basics, FamilySearch is a great site. There are tons of tutorials, a research wiki and research courses. Most of these resources are free and easy to use. You can also search many records from different sources. The only caution is that you may not be able to access all records without joining a website (like or paying for the record. You will receive an overview without charge, though.

Use the ActaPublica If you are looking for relatives who come from the Pilsen, Prague or Brno, you can look up birth, death and marriage records. Not all records are online, but the digitalization of the records are in progress. This site is all in Czech, but with practice you can figure it out.

Not sure where to start in your research of relatives that immigrated from the Czech Republic? Start reading the Czech Genealogy for Beginners blog by Blanca Lednicka, a genealogist from the Czech Republic.

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