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What is the Correct Spelling of Bartunek?

How many ways can Bartunek be spelled? Researching immigrants tends to be an exercise in frustration¬† patience. I am not sure if the spelling changes are due to clerical errors, language differences or the fact that my relatives just wanted … Continue reading

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My Accidental Discovery of the Vodraska Family

The other day, I told you about how I found my great-grandmother Anna Riedl. From the beginning of my research into my family history, I have focused on Josef Vopat and his wife Anna Riedl Vopat. The notes I had … Continue reading

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Finding Answers in the Czech Republic Archives

I am fairly new to genealogy. It was only a few months ago that I realized I now had time to do my own genealogy research rather than relying on other family members’ work. My goals were pretty limited when … Continue reading

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